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SIMFLEX by Peng Engineering

Simflex offers accuracy, productivity and reliability in a fast and easy to use package. A typical system takes about 10 minutes to input, to analyze, and to generate graphics and reports.

The most unique feature of SIMFLEX program is its Once-Through approach of analysis. With this approach, the program can see through all the load conditions involved. Therefore, it automatically combines the load cases involved to calculate the thermal expansion STRESS RANGE, the sustained stress, and the occasional stress involving earthquake, wind, and other occasional loads. A complete code stress compliance table is generated tabulating all the calculated stresses against the allowable stresses. This table can also be presented in a one-page graphical chart, including all the data points of the system analyzed

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SIMFLEX-Q plus the following :

Load Cases : (5) thermal conditions, (2) occasional forces, (3) earthquake/wind displacements, thermal bowing.

Elements : Nonlinear/friction restraint, tank connection, long pipeline connection.

Reports : Flange operating stress, vessel connection stress, tank connection evaluation report, code stress compliance report including stress ranges from all the load cases, and combination of occasional stress from all related load cases.


SIMFLEX-Q cracked version

SIMFLEX-B plus the following :

Load Cases : (3) winds, (3) static earthquakes, hydrotest or drain

Elements : Bellow

Restraints : Vessel connection, single-acting restraint, limit stop, snubber.

Reports : Bellow local deformation, rotating equipment load compliance


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SIMFLEX-S plus the following :

N, S, E, W, EL and X, Y, Z, coordinates can be used at the same time. Extensive dynamic features including response spectra earthquake with residual mode compensation, harmonic analysis for steady state vibration, and time-history force with either modal or direct integration. Norwegian, Swedish, and ASME/ANSI codes. Support load summary options. Special features for long pipeline analysis.


SIMFLEX-B cracked version

Perform basic code stress compliance analysis for thermal expansion, weight, and pressure loading

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