March 13, 2012

About us

We provide full versions of professional software (ISO images) with cracks, dongle emulators, keygens and serials.

Our archive consist of more than 2300 full last version of softwares and update every day!

All multilanguage (English, German, Spain, Russian and other)

In our releases all functions are accessible on 100%. Cracks, keygens and serials is checked already up by our team.

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Also we sell dongle emulators with batkup of key license files !

  • There a some major threats for dongle protected software owners
  • Dongles get stolen (computer crime reports show that dongle thefts are on the increase)
  • Dongles restrict flexibility (i.e. roaming profile office)
  • Dongles break (the most common breakdown is pin plug failure due to misaligned insertion of the key)
  • Your problem is that you use your software outside the office or between a few computers so you have to switch your dongle between all of your computers.
  • Many people have lost their dongles while in transit from one place to another, even more dongles have been stollen by employees. Try to ask your software vendorif it is possible to replace the lost key! Most of times you’ll be told that you have to pay for another copy! Do you belive it is fair you need to pay thousands dollars for the new software copy when a piece of hardware is lost or even stolen? Dongle emulation is ideal insurance against dongle problems. Furthermore, when the key is no longer available is it more expensive to make a dongle replacement and sometimes even impossible.

How can we help you? 

Order the dongle emulator backup (dongle crack) now – it’s cheaper to make the software copy of the working key than replace dongle when it is lost!