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Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging Software

GPRSIM v3.0 cracked software

This is a  2D simulation software for predicting GPR radargrams across user drawn models.   The software is being used as a training tool for students as well as for researchers in ground penetrating radar.  GPRSIM was the first commercial GPR simulation software and it has been underconstant development since 1990 and copyrighted in 1993.  GSSI of New Hampshire marketed GPRSIM v1.0 from 1994-1998 afterwhich it was re-developed into the Windows environment and directly delivered to the public by the Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory Inc.    GPRSIM has complete drawing menu for synthetic model designs, importing and generating antenna impulse response functions and antenna beam directional response functions.  A complete wavetype menu, migration processing menu, and customizable model display options are available.

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GPR-SLICE v7.0 cracked version

This is a complete imaging and signal  processing software compatible with all the major manufacturers of radar.  This leading product of the Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory is fast becoming the imaging software of choice for GPR users.

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