GPR-SLICE v7.0 cracked version

This is a complete imaging and signal  processing software compatible with all the major manufacturers of radar.  This leading product of the Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory is fast becoming the imaging software of choice for GPR users.

GPR-SLICE v7.0 Open GL Volume is an Open GL 3D module built-in addon which allows the user of GPR to do real time flythroughs, real time fence diagrams, and real time isosurface rendering and transparencies of 3D data volumes. Detected horizon surfaces and radargrams can also be included in this Open GL visualization tool. Since Sept 2009, OpenGL Volume is no longer delivered separately from GPR-SLICE and is now completely integrated into the software and is one of the primary real-time visualizations tools in GPR-SLICE.

GPR-SLICE v7.0 Bridgedeck module is specifically designed to assist in the evaluation of bridgedecks. The GPR-SLICE Bridgedeck module can automatically detected subsurface hyperbolas from rebar or other support structures and to map the peak amplitude responses. The module is designed to allow the user to automatically detect multiple rebar layers and to grid the peak responses in the GPR-SLICE Grid menu using a variety of algorithms.

GPR-SLICE v7.0 Roads + CALTRANS Standard module is a specialized module for conducting subsurface mapping of roads from regular or surveys made with GPS. GPR-SLICE has an auto detection horizon picker for up to 8 layers. Specialized filters can be used to assist in making the auto-horizon detection work with a variety of datasets with different noise constraints. The user can easily interface and assist the auto-detected results for final editing. The software module includes a special option to report the final analysis in the California Department of Transportation’s CALTRANS STANDARD format for direct import to DOT road management databases.