CADmeister Ver 8.1 32/64bit already cracked

CADmeister is a 3D CAD/CAM product developed in the Japan’s production industries pursuing “High Quality, Low Cost, and Short Delivery Times.” We propose CADmeister as a Point Solution to support a broad range of jobs in the world’s production industries.

CADmeister PRESS Solutions

Press die design

This function supports press die design. “Press die design” is roughly classified into three categories of capability, namely design support capability, modeling support capability, and post processing support capability.

Simplified forming simulation

“Simplified forming simulation” is a simplified press forming simulation tool. At the early stage of a design process, blank expansion lines and flange expansion lines (trim expansion line) for estimation can be derived quickly.

Die Layout design system

“Die Layout design system” is a support tool for Die Layout design using 3D to improve overall quality from design to production.

Press formability, Accuracy expectancy

“Press formability, Accuracy expectancy” equips various transformation capabilities for dealing with issues of formability and accuracy expectancy unique to press dies.

Reverse engineering support

“Reverse engineering support” improves the initial accuracy expectancy by directly referring to a simulation result (NASTRAN format file) for sheet metal casting.

Application of 3D to manufacturing work floor

It is a viewer used by inheriting 3D solid information (Assembly structure, part attribute) designed in “Press die design”.

CAM system for structural part of casting die

“CAM system for structural part of casting die” is a solid base CAM system with easy-to-use operation, and improves precision and reduces the work-load of engineers processing structural parts of casting die.

Full-mold model processing specialized system

“Full-mold model processing specialized system” is a support tool for effectively processing a full mold model utilizing a 3D solid model.

Hybrid 2-Dimensional CAM

Making best use of the advantages of a seamless CAD/CAM integrated system, CADmeister provides the functions with ease-of-use operations to generate outputs fulfilling the needs of job sites, ranging from profile machining, partial profile machining, 2D pocket machining to hole machining, even including 5-axis machining.

Hybrid 3-Dimensional CAM

CADmeister’s “Hybrid 3-Dimensional CAM” offers 2 types of operation mode to provide the best operation environment according to the engineer’s level, from beginners to experts. In combination with the CADmeister’s mold modeling capabilities, which makes a CAD/CAM consolidated system, 3D-CAM enables the efficient generation of high quality NC data.

CAM edit

“CAM edit” has various number of path editing capabilities that enable designers to edit tool paths with ease-of-use operation to generate an efficient machining path.