ORA CODEV v10.4 crack serial software download

Synopsys released version 10.4 of the CODE V optical design and analysis software. CODE V 10.4 features improvements to its Beam Synthesis Propagation (BSP) analysis tool that enable optical designers to model and analyze diffraction effects in an optical system with increased flexibility, speed and accuracy. CODE V is an optical engineering and design software solution that supports the optimization, analysis and tolerancing of image-forming optical systems and free-space photonic devices. CODE V was acquired as part of Synopsys’ acquisition of Optical Research Associates (ORA). The CODE v10.4 is available now.

CODE V 10.4 Highlights

  • Enhanced Beam Synthesis Propagation analysis tool
  • General complex field input supports custom light source definitions
  • Designers can customize the input beam (light source) description by providing detailed maps of the beam’s intensity and phase
  • Enables the definition and propagation of higher-order laser modes
  • Birefringent crystal modeling is included for microlithographic and optical telecommunication devices
  • Models extraordinary ray propagation through uniaxial, birefringent crystals
  • More robust pre-analysis feature minimizes setup time and maximizes ease of use
  • Supports parallel processing on multi-core architecture CPUs
  • BSP analysis results in a fraction of the time needed when using a single processor
  • Fully integrated Glass Expert tool automatically finds the optimal set of glasses for an engineer’s lens design

Beam Synthesis Propagation uses a unique, beamlet-based algorithm to produce a physically accurate model of the wave nature of light as it travels through an optical system. It accounts for aberrations and diffraction effects (interference), including the impact of aperture clipping and apodizing filters. BSP enables engineers to have a full understanding of how diffraction impacts key system performance measures by providing high-accuracy computations of the optical beam intensity, amplitude and phase characteristics. Another unique capability of BSP is its pre-analysis feature, which recommends analysis parameters customized for the designer’s lens system, helping to minimize analysis setup time and deliver the answers users need for system validation.