QinetiQ Paramarine 8.1 cracked version

Advanced fully integrated marine design software

Paramarine is the only integrated computer aided design and engineering tool available today for commercial ship, warship and submarine design.


It’s one of the main tools used by the UK’s Royal Navy to model its ships and submarines. It’s also the only endorsed UK MOD tool for ship and submarine stability analysis, including the Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring (the largest escort type ship ever built by the Royal Navy) and the nuclear-powered 97-metre HMS Astute submarine.

The benefits of using Paramarine include:

  • Time and cost savings through streamlined design and analysis
  • Reduced technical risk – Paramarine produces accurate modelling results that are extensively validated against third party data
  • Easy to use – users can develop complex designs and perform a wide range of different analyses quickly
  • Design support services and training support are available, delivered by leading field experts
  • Onboard tools – Seagoing Paramarine and ParamarineSeaWeigh provide structural and stability analysis to ensure compliance with regulations and to provide onboard decision support in emergency response scenarios.

The system features a unique and integrated set of tools which address concept design, performance prediction, strength and structures, radar cross section, powering, manoeuvring, endurance, seakeeping, vulnerability and preliminary costing and design for production.

Paramarine, and its onboard variants, are used by governments, shipbuilders, ship designers and academic institutions in more than 20 countries around the world, from Australia and Japan, to the USA, Canada and Sweden. It was also used to design the Eurydice trimaran, shortlisted for the World Superyacht – Young Designer of the Year Award 2009.