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WellView® is a complete well information management system for well planning, drilling, completion, testing, and workovers. This single comprehensive drilling and well information database reduces duplicate data entry, improves data quality, and creates a collaborative information environment.

WellView is a complete corporate well file. From well planning to abandonment, WellView tracks all changes and operations throughout the well’s lifecycle. With its powerful schematics, reports, and analysis tools, WellView puts information in the hands of the people who need it most.

Working with Peloton’s MasterView, WellView is part of an integrated well lifecycle analysis and visualization solution.


WellView is based on leading database and application development technology supporting Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle databases.

Performance Driven Data Analysis
WellView’s rich calculation engine provides KPIs to monitor performance based on the data you have recorded in the wells. Multi well and offset analysis, management reporting, time-based analysis, as well as lessons and problems all add value to your data.

Query, report, analyze—use the data!

Open Comprehensive Data Model and Database
WellView is recognized as the leader in well information data models with a comprehensive well information and operations database from well planning to abandonment. The data is normalized, meaning that there is only one spot for each discrete piece of data. This one-stop data model allows you to query and report consistently, and it eases the burden of data entry.

Enter the data once and use it often!

WellView uses Peloton’s industry leading wellbore schematic. WellView’s schematic is automatically drawn from data entered in the database. The schematic is live to the data, meaning the users can double-click on the image to edit or add more details. As well, the schematic contains all events throughout the lifecycle of the wellbore and can be displayed at any point in the well’s timeline. Templates can be easily created to show different data elements.

Customizable Reports
WellView has the most complete and easy to use reporting tool, allowing infinite customizations of reports and graphs with no programming required. Also, WellView’s reports are live, meaning the users can click on any piece of data to hyperlink directly into the editor where they can review or edit the data. Use printed versions, PDF files, or email to distribute single or batch reports.

WellView is the most scalable system on the market. We have clients with as few as 4 wells, to as many as 100,000 wells in their system.

Imports from Legacy Systems
WellView has the most comprehensive set of legacy system imports available, including a full DIMS/OpenWells import, PERC, WellCore, and others.

Electronic Well File
WellView is a true electronic well file system with a comprehensive data model and file attachments. For example, you can attach Excel, PDF, Word, and image files to the well file and store them within the database. Attachments give companies an easy way to manage all documents, including legacy morning reports from Excel or paper files.

Field Communication and Data Synchronization
WellView has the most robust and flexible field data transfer system available. WellView’s two-way exchange of data and flexible Microsoft-based communications reduce field data problems and IT support.

WellView includes a full DBMS security model which protects the data at the database level. Whether using WellView or any other database viewer or editor, the data is secure.

Engineering Applications
WellView integrates with other applications such as Compass, StressCheck, and Well Plan via XML, WITSML file transfer, or direct access.

Data Audit and Quality Control
WellView provides tools to audit data at the time of data entry or as a well review. Custom business rules can be incorporated into the audit logic.

The schematic and reports are also excellent QC tools. Double-click on the error and fix the problem. Since the data is normalized, you need only to fix it once, and all reports and tools that use the information are also corrected.

WellView uses a softkey web-based licensing system. No cumbersome bit locks are required. Companies can administer licenses themselves using a simple web interface.

Peloton provides the highest level of customer service available. Peloton’s consulting team provides extensive industry and product experience to assist clients in WellView implementation, training, and integration. Extensive documentation at the user and administrator level is also available.

A WellView implementation provides you with a solution that delivers technology, not higher cost and maintenance. Peloton’s technology is focused on:

  • Improved IT efficiency by substantially decreasing the implementation and support cost. One current client has implemented WellView in over 30 countries (150 copies) with fewer than two weeks of Peloton’s consulting/training and only two internal product champions. WellView makes it happen without high field training and support cost.
  • Improved visualization of your data through the interactive reports and schematics. Users can identify their errors (a picture is worth a thousand words) and make corrections quickly. Better data means better decisions.

Integration With MasterView™
Use MasterView to expand the WellView data models to comprehensively track more of your well and lease data, putting the power of integrated access at your fingertips.

The MasterView integration tools allow you to integrate with third party applications (for example, accounting systems, technical applications, and land systems).


How does WellView differ from morning reporting software?

Peloton’s WellView improves field data entry, data quality, access to data, and integration to third party or internal databases and software. Crucial information is available to the people who need it the most. From well planning to abandonment, WellView monitors and tracks all changes and operations throughout the well’s lifecycle.

WellView makes it possible for managers to quickly review summary reports and operational status. Engineers can review detailed well file information and make better-informed decisions, and field personnel can report changes and activities as well as access valuable well history and proposals on site.

From researching offsets to analyzing equipment failures, WellView’s rich data, coupled with its easy field data capture, enables your organization to work faster and smarter, saving valuable time, money, and effort.