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Professional Software for Embroidery Design, Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving Industries

The ApS-Ethos suite of Embroidery and Cutting software has been in development for over 21 years, when CadCam Technology Ltd embarked upon the first of many innovative products designed for the Textiles industry. During this time our aim has been to create a range of software that is easy to use, yet extremely powerful.

The flexibility of the embroidery software enables it to be tailored to suit the individual needs of a company. Distributed worldwide, the ApS-Ethos embroidery software has and will continue to be a market leader.

laser software

Laser Software

The ApS-Ethos Laser Cutting and Engraving Software enables vector files to be imported or created before outputting to a CadCam Technology Laser Cutting Machine. Numerous automatic features exist that can be used to organise the layout of designs prior to outputting, it is also possible to assign material effects to a design to ensure accurate cutting.

  • Designed specifically for lasers
  • Outstanding cutting control
  • Simple & accurate drawing tools
  • Powerful production tools
embroidery software

Embroidery Software

Various modules of the ApS-Ethos Embroidery Software are available, which allow customers to select the appropriate level and features they require. The range available includes a Design Storage level for the organisation and cataloguing of designs, through to Editingā„Lettering levels and the more advanced Digitising levels. This fully comprehensive suite of embroidery software means we have a level to complement any embroidery company.

  • Embroidery software since 1984
  • Excellent Support & Training
  • Powerful production tools
  • Outstanding stitch quality

Award Winning Embroidery

The powerful features available in the Virtuoso Plus embroidery software have enabled digitisers using this software to win multiple embroidery design awards.

Laser Cutting Software

Cutting Composer

The Cutting Composer Software is the ideal accompaniment to our FB series of Laser Cutting Machines. It employs a radical new approach to output control which ensures that maximum productivity can be achieved from the FB Laser system.

Cutting Composer

The Cutting Composer allows a wide selection of Vector formats to be imported or sent directly into Ethos form Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Alternatively vector files can be created in the software using the many automatic drawing tools available. Access is also allowed to any True Type fonts that are loaded.

Material effect tools are available that can be used to assign specific cutting information to an outline prior to cutting, resulting in an accurate cut each time.

Material Cutting

The powerful Costings feature enables cutting estimates to be calculated for a design. This tool will generate the set up cost, material cost, running cost per hour and will also calculate the material usage for the number of copies entered.

The Cutting Composer system also has a fully integrated database facility. This allows designs to be stored and retrieved via design name, customer, category, reference, description or even keywords that can be assigned to each design.

The Cutting Composer software comes as standard with all CadCam FB Laser Cutters.

Laser Cutter

Opto Cut

Optical Recognition Software is available for Opto Cut machines. Our sophisticated software uses a camera to detect registration marks, cutting with compensation for fabric stretch and distortion.