Wings’ modular 5 with all modules already cracked

In our Wings’ modular embroidery software, we did our best to create an easy to use and fast software which will help you create your embroidery designs with the best possible quality. Buy only the modules you need and create the software that best fits to your company.

Basic module

“Wings’ modular” is a full working software split in modules. It includes 14 modules which are activated separately. “Basic Module” is the first and most important module because contains the basic parts of the software. The “Basic” module includes the standard interface, scaling design capabilities, simple design editing, embroidery database management and all supported floppy formats. Also, this module contains all modular’s connection tools.

Editing module

This module adds editing abilities to modular. You can edit selected objects by using the mouse, change the order of the objects and create an array of a selected object or design. Also, you can adjust the density of the objects and change the Satin width, you can convert Step objects to Satin objects, edit Step pattern, smooth and split stitch data objects and many more features that will be analyzed below. Editing module completes the editing functionality of modular giving you the power to transform any embroidery design easily, while keeping the embroidery quality high with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that the software has.

Digitizing module

Digitizing module is a powerful module. It gives you the ability to make embroidery designs from scratch. Contains seven possible stitch types which are: Running, Satin, Satin Serial, Piping, Step Zig-Zag and Manual. It includes basic node editing, automatic underlay, Reference copy, Drag and drop sewing Re-sequence and node editing. This module also adds extra options in the stitch types that can be accessed from the “Object properties” Toolbar. In addition includes Join and Break apart functionality between the objects, erase outline tool, step pattern editing, automatic border insertion, object copy from one design to another and multiple section digitizing (Auto-Branches).

Venere module

With this module you can make Venere cuts in the fabric. You can design the area you want to be cut with “Venere cutting” like creating an outline with Running stitch. Your embroidery machine will process the information and will cut the area you have design accordingly. The Venere tool increases embroidery quality by creating accurate cuts in the fabric with the best possible way. Using this tool you can create unique designs combining embroidery with fabric cuts.

Node Editing module

This module adds features to “Digitizing” module therefore “Digitizing” module is needed to be installed prior to “Node Editing” module. With this module you get more node editing abilities that can help you make more accurate adjustments on the design and decrease the production time. This module helps you to modify the objects of the embroidery designs more accurately and create the exact shapes you want to design. It includes multi node editing selection, connection with straight lines of two or more nodes, join ability of nodes, splitting ability of a node in two sections and transformation of objects in “Node editing” mode.

Chenille module

This module adds features to “Digitizing” module therefore “Digitizing” module is needed to be installed prior to “Chenille” module. With this module you can create designs with chenille stitch type easily. With the “chenille” module you can convert any object filled with any stitch type to chenille stitch type and automatically have a different variation of the embroidery file. In addition you can use the “Chain” and “Loop” special functions on any object and embroider it as chenille. Also, you can design any chenille embroidery design from scratch and send it to your machine in order to be embroidered.

Cross-stitch module

This module adds cross-stitch embroidery type to Wings’ modular. It has superior cross-stitch generation with auto-branch and great quality. It is easy to start punching single crosses, remove crosses, draw and remove tacking. You can punch with ease straight lines, curves, basic shapes such as rectangles and circles, ellipses filled with cross-stitches or not. Multi-color cross-stitch together with a powerful auto-branching system is also included. In addition includes basic node editing, re-arrangement tools, object transformation tools, cross-stitch type tools and editing parameters for cross-stitch punching objects.

Artistic Digitizing module

This module needs “Digitizing” module to be already installed. With this module you get extra artistic digitizing abilities that can increase your embroidery designs quality and production. It adds extra options in the stitch types, advanced “Envelope” effects and useful artistic functionalities such as “Vector fill”, “Block fill” and “Form fill” that you can use to create unique embroidery designs by adding different shape fills. Using your imagination, your creativity and the combination of these tools you can create embroidery designs that you never thought that was possible to produce.

Designer module

This module needs “Digitizing” module to be already installed. This module allows you to use your favorite design package virtually inside modular. Also, with this module you can scan any image you want and then embroider it. It adds a clever and innovating tool that can auto correct embroidery errors and negligence. Unnecessary trims, forgotten trims, Fix/Lock additions or removals, are no more subjects to take time to correct. Using Cleanup Expert everything is done automatically by specifying the parameters that the function will take in consideration. Following four steps you can have instantly your design optimized in the best possible way.

Styles-Patterns module

This module needs “Digitizing” module to be already installed. With this module you get many unique Styles and Patterns. You can choose the type of style you want to use from a list of 360 existing styles. You can fill an object with a style or create a border of a shape with a style. In the Styles-Patterns module there are also 30 Film styles. Those are sequences of styles that are applied one after another creating unique designs. In addition lots of Patterns are available. You can select from 196 patterns those that fit to your design and apply them with a single mouse click. With combination of styles and patterns in the design you can create unique embroidery designs with great look and feel.

Style/Pattern Creator module

This module needs “Digitizing” module to be already installed. With this module you can edit existing or create your own styles and patterns. With the Style and Pattern Creator module you can create your own styles and patterns with the “Styles editor” and the “Complex pattern editor”. Both are so easy to use that can increase you creativity in designing. You can create any shape you want and view how will be embroidered on the fabric you have selected! Combinations of Styles and Patterns can give you artistic embroidery designs!

Font Creator module

This module adds features to “Digitizing” module therefore “Digitizing” module is needed to be installed prior to “Font Creator” module. With this module you can create your own pre-digitized fonts or use any of the already pre-digitized fonts that are included inside modular. With the “Font Creator” module you can create your own Satin, Zig-zag or Piping fonts based on your own digitizing preferences or use the automatic conversion tool for quick production and just fine tune the embroidery results.

Clipart module

Clipart module requires the “Editing” module to be already installed in modular. It is a useful module because it provides you with tools that can save you time and effort. It is time to organize all your designs in the clipart library and use them immediately any time you need them avoiding searching inside your.