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The Decision Management System™ (DMS™) software solution delivers optimized answers to complex reservoir management problems.

The software allows users to discover development options that could potentially add millions of dollars to the bottom line. In addition, workflows driven by DMS software maximize the value of the entire asset by integrating subsurface, surface and economics workflows while simultaneously mitigating risk. Furthermore, evaluate hundreds of scenarios faster than it takes traditional methods to consider a few while tracking inputs, outputs, calculations and iterations in a relational database, to obtain a better understanding of how the entire system works.

Management is making increasingly challenging and important decisions earlier in the life of the reservoir. This means asset teams are under more pressure to accurately forecast and justify production profiles and reserve estimates, but with less information and greater time constraints than before.

DMS software combines simulation tools and optimization technology in an open and adaptable framework.

DMS software is the leading E&P decision support tool for the 21st century.

Better Decisions

  • DMS software results can lead to non-intuitive solutions. The solutions identified using optimization can often be more profitable than the limited range of solutions delivered by intuition and experience.
  • The DMS software enables analysis of a project as an entire system, incorporating the interdependent uncertainties in reservoir, production and economic parameters.
  • DMS software enables consideration of many more potential scenarios than the very few typically evaluated under traditional methods.

Faster Decisions

  • The cycle time for development project planning is accelerated from months to weeks with an added level of confidence. DMS software revolutionizes time-consuming workflows, such as history matching and portfolio planning.
  • Given a set of business objectives and constraints, asset teams can quickly evaluate multiple decision alternatives for any prospect or field.
  • The DMS application technology leverages grid computing technology for much faster execution of multiple simulation jobs.

Traceable Decisions

  • DMS software tracks all inputs, outputs, calculations and iterations, which means users can more easily retrace and replicate asset decisions, and therefore get a better understanding of the entire system.
  • Capturing the decision-making workflows in a database enables asset teams to reference best practices for future projects.