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A combination of technology and business expertise
The Romans Cad software suite, a true combination of technology and business expertise, provides a solution to each stage of the product creation process, from 3D design and 2D development, right through to manufacturing, all the while ensuring that production costs are fully controlled. With its technical data management solution, Romans Cad provides footwear companies and their sub-contractors with a complete overview of every project.

Romans Cad 3D Design
Capitalize on the company’s wealth of expertise while retaining full creative freedom, and simulate a larger number of models and variants. Rapidly generate virtual prototypes and facilitate decision-making during design reviews.
Romans Cad 3D Last 
Create and adapt an infinite number of models, check the last and its fit and control volumes through a level of accuracy and quality unequalled by traditional methods.
Romans Cad Sole
Create every type of sole and heel in 3D, then grade in accordance with the upper and rapidly generate virtual prototypes.
Romans Cad 2D 
Simplify pattern-making activities and facilitate model finalization through the automation of process functions. The result: products developed in record time.
Romans Cad SL 
Calculate material costs and consumption – skiving, stitching lengths, the piece area and perimeter – as early as possible in the product development process.
Romans Cad Data Management 
Archive design heritage and past collection models and secure teams’ skills in a centralized database. Manage all contributors along the value chain, assigning levels of authorization to consult and share information about the product in collaborative mode.