PLS-POLE 14.20 cracked version

  • Version 14.20 released
  • May now display PLS-CADD wire geometry inside PLS-POLE when using PLS-CADD generated LCA or LIC file.
  • Input reached via Entity Info is now displayed in a “properties-style” dialog with an option to switch to a full table view.
  • Added “EN50341-2-9:2015” (UK NNA) wind/ice model in Loads/Vector Loads and Loads/Wire Loads.

PLS-POLE Displaying Wires from PLS-CADD

  • Version 14.00 released – supports Windows 10
  • Added the Framing Manager which bundles together structure elements and insulators into reusable components. These components are stored in a new Framing Library (.frm file) which you manage with Components/Framing Manager. Click on the Framing Manager to the right for a video introduction.
Framing Manager Video

  • Added File/New/Framing Wizard to make creating a new structure from a pre-existing framing trivial (watch the video)
  • Added a Drafting menu with functionality similar to PLS-CADD’s. You may define a set of sheets (title, note, drawing and appendix pages) upon which you can draw using annotation and send schema output from reports to these pages (watch the video).
Structure Drafting

  • Added Inset Report View feature for display of tabular output from reports or external spreadsheets on a sheet. Inset Report Views tied to PLS-POLE reports can be set to update automatically when new reports are generated or they can be static snapshots that do not change (watch the video).
  • Automatic creation of loading trees on the new drafting sheets.
  • Added the “Report Navigator” toolbar which allows you to quickly Goto, Table View and XML Export the various tables in a report.
  • Added ANSI O5.1-2015 option for checking wood poles.

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