Leapfrog 2019 : Geo 4.5, Edge 2.3, View and Seequent Central 2.2

Leapfrog Geo 4.5 focuses on improving your all-round experience and smoothing day to day workflows.

With over 100 performance improvements in every release, Leapfrog Geo is well known for its stability and usability. Leapfrog Geo 4.5 takes this to a new level with over 500 performance improvements to smooth your day to day workflows.



Monitor upload progress to View,our web based sharing tool, with improved notifications.

Simplify polyline editing by hiding tangents and save time with more consistent polyline default sizes.

View draped GIS objects easily in a redesigned folder that is structured in the same way as the GIS Data, Maps and Photos folder.

Boost structural understanding with an intuitive polar net for stereonets, with both Schmidt and Wulf projections.

Change the location of ID labels on drillhole traces to the bottom .

Export a single saved scene with a right-click.

Batch export model evaluations on cross sections to DXF.

View your models in stunning high resolution and seamlessly move between standard and HD monitors.