PSS SINCAL Platform v19.0 will all modules (and PSS NETOMAC)


The PSS SINCAL platform is part of the Siemens PTI product portfolio and consists of the products PSS SINCAL and PSS NETOMAC.


PSS SINCAL (Siemens Network Calculation) is a comprehensive, high-quality software for all network planning requirements. The product offers a complete network model for electrical high, medium and low voltage networks. In addition, pipe network calculations for water, gas and district heating/cooling are also supported. […]

Aspen HYSYS Technology aspenONE Suite V14 (all modules)

With the release of aspenONE V14, companies can continue accelerating their digitalization journey to improve sustainability while maximizing profitability through operational excellence.

  • Advance sustainability initiatives with 100+ sample models
  • Accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen, pyrolysis and bioprocesses
  • Facilitate carbon emissions management
  • Provide augmented intelligence guiding users to achieve and maintain optimal operation
  • Minimize lost production and quickly resolve failure alerts
  • Improve efficiency and usability to drive stronger decision support across the value chain