PFAFF Creative 5D Suite already cracked

5D™ SUITE… The ultimate embroidery software system.

It provides unlimited possibilities to design your ideas!

The PFAFF® 5D™ SUITE package includes eleven software modules: 5D™ Embroidery Extra, 5D™ Organizer, 5D™ Vision, 5D™ Stitch Editor, 5D™ Design Aligner, 5D™ Sketch, 5D™ Cross Stitcher and 5D™ Family Tree plus three special modules available only in 5D™ SUITE: 5D™ Design Creator, 5D™ PortraitStitch and 5D™ Font Digitizing. The package also includes the machine accessory module 5D™ File Assistant (but no creative™ smart card station hardware).