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What’s new in version 3.2

» Scripting Interface

Users of the PLECS Blockset have always been able to run non-interactive simulations from a script. Now, PLECS Standalone also allows you to write simulation scripts, for example to perform parameter sweeps. Alternatively, you can configure PLECS Standalone as an XML-RPC server in order to run simulations and evaluate the results from within other applications.

» Enhanced PLECS Scope

The PLECS Scope now allows you to keep and overlay the traces from multiple simulation runs, both interactively and from a script. This is particularly useful for visualizing e.g. parameter sweeps.

» Advanced Machines Models

The Permanent Synchronous Machine model offers a voltage-behind-reactance implementation that permits open-circuited stator windings. This makes it easy to interface with arbitrary external circuits such as rectifiers.