Delcam ArtCAM Pro cracked version, ready for download

ArtCAM Pro is a unique software program that lets you produce high quality free-form 3D products from conceptual sketches or pictures faster than you ever thought possible…

The advanced 3D modeling tools and flexible machining strategies in ArtCAM Pro provide the complete solution for all your CNC needs. ArtCAM Pro is a proven solution for many industries including Sign Making, Woodworking, 3D Engraving and Mold Making, Mold Tool Engraving, Coinage, Packaging


Metalix cncKad V12 cracked version ready for download

The highlights are:

  • Text Detection Parameters from Imported DXF Files
  • Add Nibble Free Hand
  • Support Nibble Offset Editing by Dragging
  • Hatch Contour
  • Align Parts Command in AutoNest
  • Support Laser Common Cuts directly in AutoNest
  • Run AutoNest for Selected Parts
  • Fill holes for Selected Parts in AutoNest
  • New Collision-Less Mode
  • Used Tools Dialog Box Shown in AutoNest
  • New Quick Setup Popup Box in ORD/CSV Processing
  • Create Parts Order with Keyboard Keys


Embird 2010 BUILD 8.8d with ALL PLUGINS already cracked and ready for use.


New language was added: Ukrainian

Now it is possible to convert designs to multiple formats at once.

Now it is possible to sort designs in Right Panel according to Name, Extension, Date and Size (length) of file, either in ascending or descending order.

When sending design as attachment of e-mail (Right Panel > Internet > Send Files as Attachment of E-mail), it is now possible to specify ten preselections of e-mail recipients. Also, Embird can automatically ZIP all selected files into single archive, or convert image files to .JPG format and shrink them to reduce the length of attachment. A new button for sending files in attachment of e-mail was added, it is located above the “Files:” box at the right side of Manager window.

Embird now supports also shortcut files (files with .lnk extension). This means that Embird is capable of displaying designs which are referenced by shortcuts. This way it is possible to sort designs – save the real design into one folder, and create shortcuts to this design in other folders. There is a new command “Paste Shortcuts to Files in Clipboard” in “Right Panel” menu allowing to create shortcut files for files which were copied into Clipboard via “Copy Files to Clipboard”. See also new tutorial “Using Shortcut Files (.LNK) to Sort Designs”.