Thermoflow 24 cracked version – avaliable for download

There are two types of heat balance programs: “Application-Specific” and “Fully-Flexible”.  An Application-Specific program is a special-purpose tool, focusing exclusively on one type of plant.  The program includes a vast, general model and the user selects a subset of it via a guided, structured procedure.  A Fully-Flexible program is a general-purpose tool, which allows its user to construct any model by connecting appropriate building blocks, in a flexible, unfettered fashion.  Each type of program has advantages and limitations.

Knowledge = Power

Thermoflow is the leading developer of thermal engineering software for the power and cogeneration industries.  Since 1987, Thermoflow’s software product line has grown to become the most popular, well-proven, and comprehensive system available today.

Thermoflow is a stable, profitable, entirely independent company which has never received funding from any source other than sales to customers who find real value in our products, every day.

May 29, 2014: Thermoflow Suite 24 (TFLOW24) released. Some highlights follow.

  • GT PRO’s automated cycle design logic to select combined cycle pressures, temperatures, pinches, approaches, and duct burner location was revised and updated.
  • TIME for GT MASTER is a new program that computes economic and technical performance for plant operation over an entire year, including effects of startup and shutdown.  TIME sub-divides the year into a user-defined number of operating bins, each with its own set of operating conditions, and sums the computed results from each bin to compute total yearly power produced, fuel consumed, project NPV and ROI, payback period, and other related financial results.
  • GT MASTER now includes a built-in full-featured scripting language that allows you to add your own logical blocks to models.
  • PowerDraw, an easy-to-use and flexible drawing tool was added to THERMOFLEX.  It allows you to add simplified custom graphic reports to your models for presentation.
  • A new program, webPDE, was developed and is available for licensing.  This internet-based version of PDE runs in a browser and can be used with many mobile computing platforms, such as tablets or smart phones, in addition to PC’s.
  • Models can be directly loaded into Excel, for use with ELINK, from the output menu of each program.
  • Gas turbine and reciprocating engine libraries were expanded to include additional engine specs and revisions to existing specs.
  • Major equipment pricing was revised, mostly downward, to reflect recent market trends.

As the largest and most experienced developer of this type of software, Thermoflow supplies mature products of both types.  Whether you prefer specialized tools that help you to perfect each job, or whether you prefer to use a single multi-purpose tool for all jobs; Thermoflow has the perfect product for you.  Best of all, Thermoflow’s programs are mutually compatible, allowing your investment in one program to complement and enhance the value of your investment in the others, if and when you need them.