ELWAVE 9.6 real time cracked software

The only software that tells you
what to do BEFORE it happens.

Objective and consistent trading
using pattern recognition.

Automatic Elliott Wave analysis

Clear reports showing you exactly
what to expect

Powerful scanning for bullish
and bearish stocks

Easy to use with the press of a button

Our new ELWAVE 9.6 adds support for real-time data from NinjaTrader® (including data from Kinetick® and Zenfire®) and for nimbleDataProPlus™, an Indian real-time feed. The previous version ELWAVE® 9.5 added such features as: Birds Eye View, instant drag-scrolling, mousewheel zooming, Data Window, improved axis labels and gridlines, various productivity enhancements, improved real-time feed support and tick correction and new custom indicator features.

Release date:
September 23, 2011
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
ELWAVE will not run in a virtual machine
  • Added support for NinjaTrader 7
    ELWAVE now supports data from NinjaTrader® 7 (including data coming from Kinetick® and ZenFire®)
    NinjaTrader, Kineticks and ZenFire are trademarks owned by their respective owners.
  • Added support for nimbleDataProPlus
    nimbleDataProPlus™ is a new real-time data feed for the Indian market.
  • Added CCI (Commodity Channel Index) indicator
  • Added Donchian Channels indicator
  • Added  toolbar button for easy access to realtime Alerts setup
  • Improved backfill
  • Removed Use local cache checkbox in Select Symbol and replaced with dropdown Open button with the following options:
    • Open
      extends local cache with newer data from remote servers and open chart
      (local cache of data beyond what’s available on remote server is kept)
    • Force gap fill and open
      overwrite cache with data from remote servers filling gaps and correcting bad data
      (local cache of data beyond what’s available on remote server is kept)
    • Purge local cache and open
      clear cache and reload data from remote servers
      (local cache of data beyond what’s available on remote server is permanently lost)
      Same as unchecked ‘[ ] Use local cache’ in previous versions of ELWAVE
  • Added Properties dialog for eSignal with the following options
    • Adjust for stock splits
    • Include pre-market / after-hours data
    • Include weekends
    • Symbol search limit
  • Updated IQFeed support to use latest DTN interface version
  • Added support for sending email through SSL servers in Send Email action (Alerts)
  • Added display of average time per bar when Automatic compression is active
  • Added tab dragging for open charts and indicator pane to allow re-ordering of tabs
  • Reduced startup time for ELWAVE
  • Fixed Screen files reloading charts in reverse order
  • Fixed problem with VB version of LastBarValue indicator