METASTOCK End-of-Day V11 cracked version

MetaStock End-of-Day

MetaStock End-of-Day

Specifically designed for traders who do analysis after markets close,MetaStock End-of-Day is the perfect EOD charting and analysis tool whether you’re an experienced, active trader or just beginning to trade the markets.

MetaStock stock charting software contains powerful analysis tools to help you make informed decisions about what to buy & sell and when to execute to make the most money possible. MetaStock comes with many out-of-the box trading solutions that are reliable and easy to use. And if you want to take your analysis to the next level, our technical analysis software gives you the ability to customize these solutions to your particular trading style.

Whether you trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, commodities, FOREX, or indices, MetaStock has the tools you need for superior market analysis and financial success. In fact, 84% of our customers report that they have been successful using the MetaStock software! Here is what one of our customers has to say about MetaStock:

“MetaStock is obviously made by people who understand traders’ needs. It’s a complete package that’s easy to use, no matter what kind of securities you trade. It’s the single tool that’s allowed me to fine-tune my trading approach, pursue my avocation and build a satisfying retirement.”
~ Michael Alakel

MetaStock is the 14-time winner of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities MagazineReader’s Choice Award for best analysis software. On top of this, here are some further benefits to using MetaStock:

  • MetaStock helps you create a system for trading. Your approach to trading your portfolio should be a systematic, objective plan to make the best possible decisions.
  • Removing the emotions of greed and fear from your trading, MetaStock provides a trusted set of criteria and reliable analysis so that you can objectively engage in buying and selling in the markets.
  • The program is easy to use. Many of the stock charting software packages available today are so difficult to understand that it takes months to be up and running. MetaStock, however, is known for its intuitive interface, easy to use tools, and an exceptional built-in Help system.
  • Success in the markets = profits. 84% of MetaStock customers report that they have been successful in the markets using our technical analsysis software.
  • Equis, the creators of MetaStock, has been creating powerful financial graphics & technical analysis software since the early 1980s and currently has over 150,000 retail customers. Because of their elite position in the individual investor marketplace, Equis was acquired by Reuters – the world’s premier information provider.
  • Currently, MetaStock is an integral part of the Reuters product line and is used by money managers & institutional traders across the globe. With MetaStock, you have access to the same tools that financial professionals trust to make their trading decisions.
  • Excellent support tools: whether you prefer to call their free support line, chat with a rep over instant message, browse the FAQ’s on the web, or visit the online user’s Forum, you’ll find the answers to your questions quickly and conveniently.
  • MetaStock can be customized to use your personal strategies, your tolerance risks, your goals, and the instruments you trade.