Anleggsdata Blast design: a program for blasting crack serial download

Blast design, calculates and visualizes the theoretical blast in the quarry operation.

Blast design: a program for blasting

Blast design used in quarrying to calculate theoretical blast.

Blast design is a program developed and marketed in collaboration with Construction Data and the Department of Civil and Transport Engineering at NTNU.

Using blast design, more advanced explosives patterns are created. The program is structured with theoretical calculations that can be visualized and edited using sophisticated drawing functions.

The calculations in the program is based on empirical data collected by the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering at NTNU (project reports, 12c-00 and 12b-98). The calculations can also be supplemented or overridden with your own empirical data.
Blast design has the following main features:

calculation of the necessary drilling based on empirical data
delineating the blast: borplan, charge level and light level
calculation of key values​​: bormeter, sprengstofforbruk, saliva volume, and more.

Opportunities and benefits of the use of the program:

draw pallet limited oppområde
document the blasting plan for the execution and after control
transfer the theoretical borplanen to subscribe bormønster with E-and V-ratio
edit every single hole or groups of holes
plug the holes together in the spark pattern
print in a different level of detail