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GXP Xplorer is a revolutionary data management application that makes it easy to locate, retrieve, and share geospatial data on a local network or across an enterprise.

BAE Systems designed the software to provide a convenient way to access images, terrain, features, GeoPDF® images and maps, PowerPoint® files, videos, text documents, and numerous other data sources. With a single query, perform geospatial, temporal, free text, or advanced metadata searches without logging on to multiple systems.

Using powerful search techniques, the application scans for files across existing external data systems, on shared network drives, and in an analyst’s local shoe box. It quickly locates files and builds an online catalog for easy retrieval. GXP Xplorer keeps track of all available data by file type, and displays geotagged search results graphically on a map with supporting text and thumbnail images. Data can be downloaded, or opened directly into other applications.

GXP Xplorer is an open enterprise solution that scales from a mobile device, to a laptop, to an enterprise server configuration with Web browser access. It fits in with existing data stores, runs in virtual environments, and can be tailored for one or multiple users. The application supports Microsoft® Windows®Server, XP, Vista®, and Windows 7. Support for additional operating systems, including Solaris x86 is planned for future versions.

GXP Xplorer accesses multiple, disparate geospatial data stores and manages many data typesTake command of your data universe: GXP Xplorer accesses multiple, disparate geospatial data stores and manages many data types — maps, satellite images, airborne tactical images, charts, videos, audio, handheld photos, vectors, terrain, features of interest, PowerPoint presentations, and text documents.

What advantages does GXP Xplorer offer compared to similar products?

  • Comprehensive data management — automated search, dynamic discovery, catalog, display, storage, and sharing
  • Connects to and crawls existing data stores, such as GIS feature databases, product and national libraries, map and chart libraries, tactical datastores, and other intelligence data sources
  • Performs federated searches simultaneously on geographically dispersed data, and systematically stores data details in shared locations to facilitate collaboration across an enterprise
  • The automated GXP Xplorer federated search capability operates from server-to-server with no customization or add-ons required; federated search can be extended to external libraries and systems
  • Data discovered is available offline
  • Mobile apps integrate field collections with enterprise server holdings
  • Supports cataloging for multiple data types out of the box and allows new custom types to be added, such as additional terrain and image types, video, native vector products, and raster maps
  • Allows for multiple storage locations and data stores in a catalog
  • Out-of-the-box integration with legacy government data libraries
  • Built-in geotagging; text inside of any data file is searchable
  • Data integrity is managed through user roles
  • Notifies users through GeoRSS and KML queries for Google Earth
  • Provides a common operating picture for visualizing multiple data types