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The forthcoming SOCET GXP v4.0 release represents the achievement of a goal we envisioned nearly 10 years ago to merge image exploitation, geospatial production, and a myriad of other critical mapping tasks into a single commercial product.

LiDAR point clouds of a power plant generated using SOCET GXP v4.0, displayed in the new 3-D Multiport viewer.

Users across multiple geospatial disciplines have embraced SOCET GXP’s comprehensive toolset — automated measuring, mapping and photogrammetry; 3-D visualization and in-depth analysis; unprecedented sensor-model support; and data fusion — for timely analysis and product creation. Integration with the Esri geodatabase, Google Earth, and TerraGo GeoPDF products extend its utility and the SOCET GXP Developer’s Toolkit enhances SOCET GXP functionality, which is appealing to third-party developers and systems integrators.



From surveillance and reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, precision targeting, and mission planning, to 3-D site and city modeling, land use mapping, border surveillance, coastline monitoring, tracking glacier melt, illicit crop detection, and disaster relief assistance, SOCET GXP has everything you need to get the job done. It satisfies multiple project requirements while reducing training, support, operating and maintenance costs.

SOCET GXP v4.0 — join the XA revolution!

There’s never been a better time to migrate your workflows to SOCET GXP.

SOCET GXP v4.0 adds:

  • 3-D site and building modeling with mesh modeling and 3-D perspective viewing
  • Planimetric feature extraction with drawing toolbox and cue cards
  • Advanced image processing algorithms for change detection, image classification, trend analysis, tracking patterns of activity over time, and finding anomalies in imagery
  • Independent localization for straightforward translation
  • Terrain and surface modeling with TIN support across the application
  • LiDAR capabilities, including triangulation and automatic feature extraction that identifies certain 3-D objects within point clouds

SOCET GXP v4.0: Key enhancements at a glance

Visualization and feature extraction
  • Planimetric and volumetric feature extraction including new drawing and edit tools, plus new Toolbox
  • General 3-D improvements, including import and export support, and improved 3-D viewer
  • Detailed generation of 3-D city models for visualization
  • Semi-automatic and manual editing tools
  • Integrated 3-D viewer
  • Automatic attribution
  • Automatic texture patching
  • SketchUp integration
  • SafeSoft FME integration
  • TerraGo layered GeoPDF export
  • 3-D PDF

SOCET GXP automatic texture generation

  • Stereo Model Manager
  • ADS40/80
  • MSP 1.1.5
  • Unclassified Community Sensor Models
  • Virtual full image from segmented image sources
  • SICD anamorphic correction
  • JPIP performance including multi-threading
  • Hyperspectral and multispectral
    • Scatter plot improvements
    • iCee atmospheric correction
    • Dark subtract
    • Xport improvements

Imagery in SOCET GXP

  • Terrain and surface modeling
  • HRE read/write support
  • TIN
  • Contour elevation labels
  • 3-D viewer integration for TIN and grid terrain modeling and editing as well as LiDAR point clouds
  • Extract buildings, houses, and trees with new LiDAR functionality that transforms a LiDAR or photogrammetrically derived point cloud into a bare-earth model