LucidShape 1.9.1 crack serial download software

LucidShapeG is a powerful software tool for the design of ighting systems and optical components. This special edition for general lighting combines versatile state-of-the-art lighting tools with an intuitive design interface and extraordinary accurate photometric raytracing capabilities.

LucidShape 1.9.1

Highlights (details see below)

  1.    Interactive edit of curves on surface
  2.    Improvements in verios dialogs for simulation and geometric modelling
  3.    new feature in lens and reflector calculations
  4.    improved ray trace speed and extensions in materials
  5.    the default save method is now binary


  • improved speed in Monte Carlo ray trace in accurate (Nurbs), fast (triangle), and triangle/Nurbs; by up to 10%
  • rework & simplify Dialog for Luminance Camera
  • direction-coding colour for rays from ray history sensor
  • in dialog “LED point light source” and “LED source libary”; optional to the complete point source, one ray can create only the emitter material



  • the default storage mode is now Binary for a fast save and load. The ASCII text files can be saved with “Save ASCII”
  • have simple angular inputs for AxisSystems like in Light Source orientation rather than vectors or in addition to vectors
  • interactive create and edit of polylines, NurbsCurves, ControlCurves and ControlSurfaces
  • improve edit dialog for light data object; avoid data copies which are not necessary
  • NURBS check box in create regular curve dialogs to create a nurbs directly
  • “Set Color” works now well as for rays
  • input fields in simulation dialogs MC+LM with number of rays*1000
  • Options ->Global Settings->CAD Options: AxisSystems now with name edit
  • in the transformation dialog there is now a new tag for simple mirror in X,Y and/or Z
  • coloured text enter fields for special types like vertical and horizontal spread in MF dialog
  • for big dialog control matrices (like spread block) we have now + and – buttons to increase/decrease the number of displayed rows or columns


UV Data / LucidLite

  • import and export for a new photometric file format from FORD.frd



  • lambertian refractive material now with optional factor to control the ratio of TIR reflector and transmission
  • define emitter material with inverse emitting direction not just in direction of the normal



  • reverse sensor light now also from cd/m^2 sensor and R table
  • set lux distribution on the road by LID file and calculate the reverse sensor light


CAD Data import/export

  • export AxisSsystems as 3 lines+points
  • export rays as lines


Geometric Modelling

  • rework dialog for Merit function and Optimizer
  • parameter space explorer; Can be used i.e to verify a sequence of source positions to check tolerance
  • FF lamp with multi chip rectangle source

back lighting

  • prism band with more parameter controlled by curves: delta, gap, height, alpha-prism up, beta prism down, gamma about normal, width1, width2


PS Design Feature

  • PS spread curve alone
  • S-shape connection step in profile curve


MF Design Feature

  • optional lumen exit sensor on calculated reflector on lens to verify how much light goes over the reflector
  • Copy Block, “X Mirror Block”, “Y Mirror Block” in MF application
  • for big control matrices like spread we can set the number of columns and rows
  • S-shape connection patches
  • FF lamp with “No lamp forsimulation” option; good for MF application


PCS Design Feature

  • new PCS design feature class with improved dialog. The curve can now be also PS curves

LED optics Collimator

  • new surfaces types: extruded with round ends, North-East-South. South-West-North