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The new Paradigm 2011 release introduces Windows 7 64-bit versions of its seismic interpretation and characterizationsolutions. These complement the existing Paradigm Windows-based portfolio, that includes geological interpretation andcorrelation, formation evaluation, modeling, reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering,well planning, drilling engineering and well testing solutions. The result is a comprehensive seismic-to-simulation suite of geoscience and engineering capabilities on the world’s leading platform.


Enhance your Subsurface Modeling Technology – Upgrade from GOCAD to SKUA

The Paradigm GOCAD® framework for subsurface modeling has led the industry for over 20 years, supporting a wide portfolio of modules that span the entire E&P subsurface activity, from velocity modeling for seismic imaging, through interpretative structural modeling, geological modeling, the population of models with rock properties and reservoir characteristics, and reservoir modeling technologies used to estimate uncertainties and prepare data for dynamic simulation.

Early modeling technologies have many limitations, and the scientists who pioneered GOCAD modeling developed a radically new approach to subsurface modeling that would revolutionize the way geoscientists and engineers build and use subsurface models.  The result of this intensive effort culminated in 2008, with the release by Paradigm of the SKUA® architecture.  SKUA utilizes the original GOCAD infrastructure, but offers a new approach to the model-building process, as well as a mathematically rigorous approach to linking together a number of mission-specific representations of the subsurface, suited to the great diversity of applications. The result is that many GOCAD plug-ins have additional options when used in in the SKUA suite, with far superior results.

SKUA is faster, more geologically rigorous and far more accurate than any competing modeling process. SKUA places no limits on the level of detail and complexity of the subsurface representation, removing any need to simplify or reduce input data.  Its architecture has also allowed Paradigm to introduce novel applications, such as interpretation modeling, true 3D seismic paleo-flattening, enhanced fault seal analysis, fracture characterization, and flow simulation grids.

Many customers are now deploying or evaluating SKUA as a replacement for their traditional GOCAD licenses. As SKUA continues to improve and evolve, the reasons to make the move become increasingly compelling – much shorter turnaround time on projects, higher accuracy, more detail – there are many good arguments for adopting SKUA.

Customers who are currently licensing GOCAD and associated plug-ins can continue to utilize these products, supported by ongoing maintenance.  We do, however, encourage our GOCAD users to look at the many advantages offered by SKUA, and to discuss available upgrade options with their sales representatives.