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Build and analyze integrated, quantitative, multi-disciplinary 3D earth models with the power of 3D-GIS. From data import to exploration drillhole design, geoscientists from all disciplines can manage their project from one central software application.

Advanced, easy-to-use, modularized software that becomes the basis of sound and rapid decision-making. Custom designed for mineral exploration, resource evaluation, and geotechnical hazard assessment. It has a fully integrated 3D-GIS query environment and advanced visualization. It enables precise geological modelling (wireframe), block modelling, and property modelling. It provides natural connections to geologically-constrained geophysical modelling and inversion, multi-disciplinary 3D exploration targeting, exploratory and geochemical data analysis, and geotechnical hazard estimation and monitoring.


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The new Paradigm 2011 release introduces Windows 7 64-bit versions of its seismic interpretation and characterizationsolutions. These complement the existing Paradigm Windows-based portfolio, that includes geological interpretation andcorrelation, formation evaluation, modeling, reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering,well planning, drilling engineering and well testing solutions. The result is a comprehensive seismic-to-simulation suite of geoscience and engineering capabilities on the world’s leading platform.