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6SigmaET is a thermal modelling tool specifically designed for electronics, and uses advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to create accurate thermal models of electronic equipment.
Import. Solve. Display. It’s that easy!
6SigmaET is the only CFD software for electronics cooling that is constantly expanding its list of features, enabling you to design, solve and analyze your thermal models faster than ever before. With its unparalleled feature set, 6SigmaET is quickly becoming thermal engineers’ tool of choice for electronics thermal simulation.


Built-in intelligent components know how they should behave, and are placed according to how they fit together with other objects. This means you can spend less time figuring out how to model your equipment, and more time refining your thermal simulation design.

Controller Controllers

Reproduce and experiment with sophisticated fan control systems using 6SigmaET. The controller object makes setting up a control system simple.

Controller Altitude

6SigmaET can run simulations at different altitudes, which is essential for Aerospace and other industries.

Component Component Modeling

Use the intelligent component modeling object to represent the thermal properties of a component using a simplified, 2R, Delphi or detailed representation.

Component Multi-Fluid

Model liquid-cooled systems using intelligent objects such as cold plates, pumps, and cooling ducts.


Parametrically define a range of design options using the PAC study, and quickly identify the best solution.

GUI Modern User Interface

Utilize the GUI and simple ribbon system to build, solve, and analyze your model.

PCB PCB Modeling

Intelligent PCB objects allow you to quickly and accurately model PCBs.


Why start at the beginning when you can use existing engineering data? 6SigmaET is connected to your existing engineering design tools, so you can import power maps and mechanical CAD (such as IGES, STEP/STP and STL), along with ECAD data (including IDF, IDX, ODB++ and GERBER) directly into your model.

Connected - Image

Library Centralized Libraries

Share objects, assemblies, or even whole models across an organization with centralized network libraries.

Library Import/Export MCAD & ECAD

Import CAD designs and export your 6SigmaET models in DWG format, or export model objects as STL files.

VersionTree Version Tree

Consolidate various designs and objects (PCBs, components etc.) in a singular tree, allowing for tighter integration between various models.

PowerImport Power Map Import

Import the power map of a component die to accurately model the power dissipation across it.

PCBImport PCB Data Import

Import PCB designs via IDF, IDX, XFL and Gerber file formats.

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6SigmaET automatically checks for collision and modeling errors, allowing you to address problems as they appear. Additionally, the automatic, object-based gridding feature allows you to set up and solve thermal simulation models with ease.

Reporting Automatic Reporting

Fully customizable reporting allows you to communicate, compare and analyze your simulation results.

MultiView Compare Models Window

Compare results from different versions using the compare models window to identify the best solution.

Batch Batch Solve

Queue up and simulate multiple models using the batch queue, then share those simulations among your engineers.

Grid Automatic Unstructured Gridding

Our object-based gridding feature determines the best grid for the simulation. Just click the Solve button and the grid is automatically generated.


Engineers can’t wait days for a thermal simulation to solve – you need the results to make decisions about every aspect of your thermal design quickly. 6SigmaET’s powerful unstructured CFD solver is capable of solving even the most complex models in a fraction of the time compared to other tools in the market.

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Solver Parallel & Cluster Solver

Scale over 128 cores using a high performance computer (HPC) cluster.

transient sim Transient Simulation

Set up and perform transient simulations with a wide range of time-varying properties.

Joule Heating Joule Heating

Add electrical boundary conditions to objects, solve for electrical potential, and calculate joule heating values.

Cloud Cloud Solving

Solve any model built in 6SigmaET using as many cores as needed without on-site, physical hardware.

Built-in intelligent components know how they should behave, and are placed according to how they fit together with other objects. This means you can spend less time figuring out how to model your equipment, and more time refining your thermal simulation design.

6SigmaET is a leading electronics thermal simulation software with state-of-the-art intelligence, automation, and accuracy. Built with a powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver, 6SigmaET is robust and enables teams to design, solve, and analyze complex models faster than ever before.

Designed specifically for the electronics industry, our software offers an intelligent, automated, and accurate solution, enabling organizations and teams to overcome their thermal design challenges with confidence.

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