WISE VisualCAM 16.9.142 cracked version available

WISE specializes in preparing, displaying and validating CAM data. Many users want to check the manufacturing data of their PCB layout software in a third-party vendor independent tool before the data is used for production. WISE has become known through the GerbTool, but today is also very committed to the IPC consortium to support and validate the new IPC 2581 standard.

VisualCAM comes standard with intelligent data transfer interfaces for formats such as ODB++, ODB++ XML, IPC-2581, DirectCAM import, and PADS ASCII import. These formats provide VisualCAM users with the ability to achieve maximum data transfer to manufacturing, for improved quality and reliability during the manufacturing engineering phases of any job flow.

VisualCAM is a powerful Manufacturing Engineering CAM software package that addresses the wide-ranging needs of EDA professionals. For the PCB layout engineer, VisualCAM offers a complete set of Design Verification features. If you are a Bare-Board PCB engineer, a full range of Manufacturing Verification and Tooling features are available. Finally, VisualCAM rounds out its capabilities by offering Loaded-Board PCB engineers an array of Assembly Processing capabilities.
Design Verification: Verification of your design data is a critical step before submitting your job for production. Today’s product complexities require PCB layout engineers to push spacing limits while laying out their board designs. Tighter tolerances can mean more expensive bare-boards, and thus the risks of scrap become more expensive, especially when problems are identified after assembly. VisualCAM provides you with a Dynamic DfM Analysis Suite that offers 75+ Design and Manufacturing checks. A blend of traditional design-related checks, like Trace-to-Trace and Trace-to-Pad, as well as manufacturing checks, like Acid Traps and Copper Slivers, can be found within VisualCAM. Rounding out your design verification experience is VisualCAM’s graphical Netlist Comparison with Pin-Point error detection. Compare your data set against any IPC-D-356 netlist or use netlist information extracted from IPC-2581, ODB++ or, PADS ASCII files, and quickly zoom to any shorts or opens in the workspace.
Manufacturing Verification/Tooling: As mentioned above VisualCAM provides a Dynamic DfM Analysis Suite that provides both design and manufacturing related checks. The ability to save and load different rule sets allows you to verify your data against your original design spacing rules, or against your manufacturer’s spacing rules. Bare-board PCB engineers and PCB layout engineers alike appreciate the more robust checking features found within VisualCAM, versus those found within traditional CAD tools. VisualCAM also helps you go beyond verification and allows you to complete your final manufacturing-related tasks with automated features like solder mask and paste mask generation. Complete production tooling can be generated using VisualCAM’s Advanced Panelization capabilities. You can create unlimited panel templates to accommodate a wide range of standard panel sizes. Advanced Panelization will even let you step single designs or multiple designs within the same panel frame. Venting and thieving are fully automated and user-defined as well. VisualCAM can finalize any manufacturing process flow with a robust set of NC drill and mill capabilities, including functions such as drilled text, drilled slots, user-defined break tabs, and one of the most efficient sort engines in the industry.
Assembly Processing: Many tools on the market are adept at extracting component footprint information from intelligent data sources, but what if you need to generate an assembly program, and all you have is Gerber data? While VisualCAM is designed to work with “intelligent” data formats like IPC-2581 or ODB++ data formats, it can still operate on traditional Gerber and NC data as well. Because of this, VisualCAM is one of the only manufacturing engineering software packages that can offer you five different automated methods to reverse engineer component footprint information from Gerber data for assembly pick-and-place programming. Depending on the data available to you, you can complete a component footprint identification process in as little as a few seconds. Even when reverse engineering interactively, you can process jobs in just a few hours. You can even save and load footprint libraries, allowing you to build master libraries to help keep your output consistent. There is support for both component footprint fiducials as well as board-level fiducials. When you complete your processing, you can output the data to several formats: IPC-2581, ASCII, FATF, ODB++, or GenCAD.
Regardless of your role within the design or manufacturing process, you can use VisualCAM to ensure the production of high-quality PCBs. Add flexible pricing, convenient and responsive customer support, and you have an unbeatable Manufacturing Engineering CAM software package.
If you are still working with traditional Gerber formats from other systems, then you’ll be pleased to find that VisualCAM includes an Import Wizard that goes beyond just importing Gerber data. Using the Import Wizard, you simply direct VisualCAM to the location of your data, and it does the rest by detecting the various file formats (Gerber, Drill, Mill, HPGL, DXF, etc.) automatically.

Features of WISE VisualCAM 16.9.142

Below are some amazing features you can experience after installation of WISE VisualCAM 16.9.142 please keep in mind features may vary and totally depends if your system supports them.

  • Everything you need to optimize a design for manufacturing is just a mouse-click away with VisualCAM. Functions such as Draw-to-Flash conversion, Teardropping, converting those nasty, special pad shapes (the ones that are always drawn) into flashes, and more. You can even use our Flatten Composite function to eliminate those 274X composites that your CAD system might be outputting.
  • The Solder Mask Generator and Optimizer create perfect solder mask layers for you, using a comprehensive set of rules that are designed to give you maximum possible clearance while maintaining optimal coverage throughout your design. Special support for fine-pitch pads is provided, with automatic generation of block openings for those areas, to prevent web (sliver) problems between pads. Existing solder mask layers can also be optimized to conform to your rule sets.
  • The Paste Mask Generator and Optimizer can be appreciated by any Designer or Stencil Manufacturer. Like the Solder Mask Generator, it is driven by a comprehensive set of rules that are designed to give you optimal reduction across a wide variety of pad shapes and sizes. Special support for fine-pitch pads allows independent X and Y reductions, to eliminate paste build-up between pads. If you already have a paste mask layer but are not satisfied with it, the Paste Mask Optimizer will rework it to conform to your

System Requirements for WISE VisualCAM 16.9.142

Before you install WISE VisualCAM 16.9.142 you need to know if your system meets recommended or minimum system requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required for full installation.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Dual Core GHz or higher.


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