RxAutoImage PRO R10 and RxSpotlight PRO R10

Raster Editing and Raster to Vector Conversion:

Rasterex provides two options for Raster Editing and Raster to Vector Conversion. One of them – the RxAutoImage – is an ARX application running inside AutoCAD, turning AutoCAD into a true hybrid editor. The other one – RxSpotlight – is an equivalent solution for Windows.

Scanned drawings can be cleaned up, edited and modified with a set of sophisticated tools. The cleaned-up raster image can then be converted into vector information for further processing in CAD and GIS environments.


RxView & RxHighlight R10

Powerful Windows viewer applications for viewing, printing, markup and file conversion of over 250 different file formats – 2D CAD, 3D CAD, DWG, PDF, raster and office files. Download free evaluation trial version.

RxView and RxHighlight are the standard desktop viewers that have been Rasterex’ flagship products for over 15 years. They have been continuously developed, maintained and improved, and have always been in front when it comes to product innovation, robustness and user friendliness.

As a Windows application, it is installed on each computer, either from a download link or from a DVD. It can be licensed as a single standalone program or as a network license. For larger enterprises, the floating network license, with concurrent users, is often the most cost effective option.

RxView is the basic version, providing viewing, printing and measurement features.

RxHighlight is the exact same installation as RxView, but gives the user access to a set of advanced tools for markup, collaboration, file conversion and batch processes.

The installation is common for RxView & RxHighlight, and it is the license file that controls whether you have access to the RxHighlight options or not.

This can even be set up as a dynamic licensing. This means that the network license consists of a pool of RxView licenses and a few RxHighlight licenses. A users checks out an RxView license as default, and only uses an RxHighlight license when he needs access to the RxHighlight functions.  This improves the cost effectiveness even further, supporting Rasterex’ flexible licensing policy for the benefit of our customers.