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PowerSHAPE 2012 introduces new Direct Modelling tools:-

    • Move, Offset, Scale or Rotate selected solid faces. All surrounding faces are re-blended automatically
    • Identify rounded regions in imported geometry and replace them with Fillet features
    • Replace ‘dumb’ geometry with intelligent features such as cuts, bosses and protrusions
    • Split a solid along a selected face

Multi-threading spreads complex calculations across all available cores in a multi-core processor. Even for single toolpaths, PowerMILL’s multi-threading optimizes calculation times, making the best possible use of your hardware.

Background processing enables PowerMILL to perform complex calculations while you continue to define and edit toolpaths in the foreground.

Uniquely, in PowerMILL both foreground and background processes are fully multi-threaded letting you get NC programs to your machine tools in the shortest possible time.

Full Interoperability

PowerSHAPE 2012 incorporates Parasolid™ for all its solid modelling operations. PowerSHAPE 2012 brings you all the advantages of working with the world’s most widely used modelling kernel. Import Parasolid format models direct, with no translation. Send Parasolid models back to your customers for validation and quality assurance, also with no translation.

PowerSHAPE 2012 help you repair and prepare imported data quickly and simply, helping you streamline your business