Jason 8.4 cracked version

CGG announced today that Jason, a CGG company specializing in seismic reservoir characterization software and services, has launched version 8.4 of its reservoir characterization software suite. The powerful new release optimizes field development, reservoir management and well planning by providing a streamlined workflow that yields timely answers for critical decisions.

Value in Unconventional Plays

Jason 8.4 offers exceptional value to customers facing challenges in their shale reservoirs. Jason’s technology helps them define the reservoir container, determine optimal zones for hydraulic fracturing and avoid water incursion into the reservoir. As a result, companies can maximize production and cut costs though more efficient use of frac fluid. In steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) heavy oil plays, more reliable reservoir characterization translates into reduced steam-to-oil (SOR) ratios.

Quality Controls for Greater Accuracy

For both conventional and unconventional projects, built-in quality controls in Jason 8.4 provide customers with greater confidence in estimating reservoir properties and allow companies to leverage the value of their seismic investment across the workflow from exploration and development through production. Jason 8.4 consistently delivers accurate reservoir properties that match the subsurface geology. This helps Jason’s customers facilitate well planning and match drilling template designs with field development needs.

Clearer Picture for Asset Teams

Jason’s recently released new 3D Interpretation application makes it easy to visualize subsurface data including wells, horizons, faults, seismic and rock property volumes. Asset teams are able to create reliable field development plans, optimize reservoir management strategies, and improve reservoir surveillance. Integrating geology and geophysics, Jason’s Facies and Fluids Probabilities (FFP) capability is useful in calculating more realistic reserves estimates. Jason’s unique approach to integrating engineering and geoscience workflows for a clearer picture of the reservoir ultimately minimizes risk and improves productivity.

Sophie Zurquiyah, Senior Executive Vice President of CGG’s Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir Division (GGR), said: “Our ultimate aim is to help energy companies drill fewer and more productive wells so they can achieve their exploration and production goals. For our customers, this translates into a greater return on their asset investment. Jason is a crucial component in this strategy and a key asset in our portfolio of reservoir characterization services and software.”

About CGG

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About Jason

Jason software and services integrate geoscience, engineering and interpretation for consistent reservoir characterization and greater drilling success.