Embird 2013 Build 10.3 cracked version with all modules

Machine-Independent Embroidery Software

More than 70 embroidery file formats and 20 home and industrial machine brands supported. Embroidery designs digitizing, editing, management, lettering and more!



  • New command “Sort Photos” added to “Right Panel > Image Operations” menu. It allows to quickly sort selected folders with digital photos. The sorting algorithm uses “date taken” information stored in digital photo file.
  • The “Right Panel > Export > Export Convertible File” now exports .exe file which is capable also to write to non-standard floppy disks, to embroidery cards (using Ultimate Box hardware) and USB memory keys. It also capable of sending design via serial link.
  • New option “Color Palette > Snap Colors to Chosen Catalog” added. If ON, each color in design and newly selected color is converted to nearest color from chosen thread catalog.


Ready-made Alphabet

  • New command in Editor “Insert > Ready-made Alphabet Text” allows you to load whole 3rd party ready-made alphabet and write words easily while using all other features of alphabet interface – moving along chosen baseline, gap adjustment, individual character moving/rotating/enlarging/skewing/mirroring, envelope, etc. Find more in new tutorial “Lettering 5 (Ready-made Alphabets)“.
  • New menu “Edit > Rotate > Rotate To Fit Selected Hoop” allows you to rotate selected objects to fit selected hoop.


  • Iconizer plug-in is now capable of drawing 3D previews of designs. There is a new option “3D Drawing” in “Options > Iconizer Settings menu”.
  • New option “Color List” allows you to switch ON/OFF the drawing of color list. This list contains all design colors and is shown at the left side of large thumbnail.



  • Larger work area (up to 2000 x 2000 mm)
  • Number of enhancements to stitch layout, corners, overlays, holes and underlay of Font Engine lettering
  • Faster compilation (about 2x) of autocolumn lettering and other autocolumn objects
  • Enhancement to functionality of direction lines of autocolumn
  • Enhancement to automatic stitch length of column underlay


Sfumato Stitch 2013

  • New Sfumato with less trims, lower stitch count, less stray stitches, less short stitches, new stitch layout style, faster computation and user-defined colors
  • Same user interface as in previous version