Embroidery i2 for Corel Client cracked version

A dream-come true technlogy, Embroidery i2 for CorelDRAW®, is a software plug in for CorelDRAW®that creates embroidery inside the graphics program. No need for a separate embroidery software application, no need to learn any new programs or interfaces.

Create logos, artwork or designs in CorelDRAW®, and when you are ready to convert to embroidery, simply assign a stitch effect, adjust any embroidery parameters such as density, pull compensation etc, and the design is ready for the embroidery machine. This is not autodigitizing- or some hocus pocus- although it seems to work like magic. Embroidery i2 is professional embroidery design creation software that is perfect for screen and digital printers, promotional product companies and those who want to create amazing embroidery.

Embroidery i2 offers a short learning curve, so you’re ready to embroider sooner. And, you don’t have to struggle with independant software packages or be bothered by vector compatibility issues. You’re always working inside the CorelDRAW® enviroment you know and love!

Convert logos in vector format into
embroidery quickly and start sewing!

Simply convert vector art to embroidery by selecting the stitch type and stitch effect you want to create. Adjust parameters and take the file to the embroidery machine. Start with simple designs to see how easy it is- you can be a digitizer too! Save time and money- create your own embroidery designs with this incredible software plug in.

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Merge embroidery designs with
lettering, or create your own

Use readily available embroidery stock designs, add lettering by converting TrueType® Fonts to satin stitches, or use pre-digitized fonts and , your design is personalized. Or, create your own designs – draw the shapes and apply any stitch type you like- Run, Satin, Steil and more. Embroidery i2 gives you complete freedom to create designs just the way you want.

Editing power

No matter what anyone says, designs need a little attention before they go on the machine. Sometimes you need to adjust density, or pull compensation, or edit a stubborn angle line, and you need to have the right tools at your disposal to make a quick adjustment. Embroidery i2 gives you complete control over your design.