EOS version

EOS 3 includes over 200 new and redesigned features
and functions with new, customizable interface and menus
for the most powerful digitizing and editing available.

EOS 3 is a complete digitizing and editing package, covering all aspects of creative digitizing, including numerous features and function designed to produce unique embroidery results. All packaged in a very easy to use interface designed both for the professional but also the beginner in the field of embroidery digitizing.
An embroidery software which is both powerful and very easy to use at the same time!

High quality and uncomparable embroidery results is the standard on EOS 3, a package that fully incorporates and exploits the extended kowledge and experience of over 20 years in the embroidery field.

EOS 3 incoroporates a wealth of functions such as :

  • Powerful yet versatile digitzing tools, a large variety of input tools allowing you to digitize both in a manual or semi-automatic way.
  • Or make use of the fully automated tools such as AutoPunch, PhotoStitch or Auto Cross-Stitch to quickly create your design, which then is fully editable for further alterations.
  • Advanced Vector handling and vector editing capabilities.
  • Full drawing package for both vector and bitmap artwork to directly work and edit from within EOS software.
  • Lettering package including more than 140 pre-digitized quality font styles, plus the capability of converting any True Type font into an an embroidery font.
  • Full editing on any kind of design, edit the outlines, stitch types, settings, size, stitch functions of any design.
  • A large set of display tools allowing you to view and edit your design in any desired way.
  • ‘Embroidery simulator’ enviroment, providing the capability for a 3-dimensional preview of a design directly placed on the garment to be embroidered.
  • A variety of different ‘embroidery recipes’, different styles of fillings and embroidery techniques which make for unique embroidery results.
  • 4 different levels to choose from, ‘Professional Elite’, ‘Creator+’ ‘Modifier+’ and ‘Reader’, suited to the needs and requirementes of different categoris of professionals in the field

    Fully optimized work environment

    Easy handling of embroidery and graphic objects with a large variety of tools for viewing your design.

    • Mouse-wheel activated scroll or zoom
    • Auto-pan on screen,
    • Aoom history and navigator
    • plus many more tools for making your designs proffesional!

    All inclusive design formats

    The COMPUCON design format, .ERF, stands for Embroidery Rich Format. This single file includes the condensed design, the stitch design and the artwork file.

    Digitizing tools

    Free Form. Create a running stitch, column stitch, step satin fill area, appliqué, cross-stitch fill or chenille.

    • This all-inclusive tool uses Embroidery Recipes to create many different types of blocks with one tool.
    • Column Fill with Holes.
    • Create turning fills and insert holes without needing to digitizing multiple blocks.

    Bezier curves

    Now you can digitize with Bezier points or the curve / corner point’s method.

    Block list

    Use the block list to reorder blocks, changing colors, and selecting areas of a design.

    Split block

    Use this tool to split up a block of stitches for easier editing.

    COMPUCON Lettering Styles

    160 font styles to choose from and 30 Lettering frames and auto-kerning to ensure perfect letter placement.

    • Many NEW monogram specific lettering styles.
    • Using the embroidery recipe concept, create fonts with any kind of fill stitch:
      • satin line
      • appliqué
      • chenille
      • longitudinal.
    • With such a large collection of fonts, the possibilities and combinations are infinite on pre-digitized and True Type fonts!

    Image Formats

    EMF and WMF vector formats read exact Bezier points as originally created.
    Import as many bitmap or vector images as you like into the same background, then edit them in the graphic layer.

    Color Blending Tool

    Select two colors and tell EOS to “Blend” and a blended fill will be created.

    Merge Blocks

    Avoid overlapping between blocks with common characteristics – just merge them together!

    SQL Database

    An SQL database with real networking capabilities.

    Elastic Outlines

    Adjust your outlines while digitizing. No more editing outlines only at given points – just select and edit at any desired point on the curve, greatly reducing the time needed to input and edit outlines.

    Advanced Satin Mode

    Create a column stitch and edit the width of the satin along the line.

    • Spiral Fill and Wave Column
    • New fill stitches to fill areas
    • Spiral in a spiral motion and Wave in a curved and decorative effect


    Snap to Grid

    Use a Grid or Guideline and snap lettering or a design to the line.

    Advanced Area Edit

    This function allows you to treat an underlay or auto-outline separately from the rest of the block.
    Apply push and pull compensation on either side of a block or on both sides.