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3D CAD Software
Intergraph Smart 3D is specifically designed to deliver mission-critical project requirements. It breaks through barriers imposed by traditional technologies to enable a truly iterative engineering design environment with an industry first Project / As-built capability. Smart 3D provides all capabilities needed to design facilities and then maintain their 3D “as-built” representations for downstream uses in the lifecycle.

What is 3D and how does it work?

3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software assists in creating, modifying, analyzing or optimizing a design. Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence Division is the leading provider of CAD software to companies that design, build and operate industrial facilities. Primarily, 3D CAD helps with detailed engineering but is found throughout the engineering process from conceptual design to facility maintenance and operation. A key component of any digital transformation implementation is having 3D models that match the physical facility. This is the focus of Smart 3D.

Even in today’s digital world, EPC’s are facing common problems: margins are small, design times are too long, errors in the design hold up construction schedules and communication across disciplines is difficult. Maintaining and managing large volumes of information across multiple databases can be difficult for Owners and obtaining an accurate 3D model at handover is an important but often complicated step in the process.

Developing and maintaining a true digital twin is key to the success of a project across the entire lifecycle, and the first step is choosing the right design solution.

When you partner with Hexagon, you can be confident that you are working with a trusted provider with proven solutions. We are constantly working to establish new work processes to enable a digital transition while maintaining the engineering integrity and providing new collaboration and visibility solutions ideal for downstream data consumers.

With Intergraph Smart 3D, you can take advantage of industry leading technology that fits today’s digital transformation vision to execute even the largest and most complex projects.

“After a smooth transition, we have realized many benefits from using Smart 3D on our projects, especially with global work-share projects. Smart 3D has increased our productivity, and we took advantage of the automation and rule-driven designs and saw improvement in the quality of work.”

– Linde

If you are interested in learning more, register today for our free webinar about Smart 3D. In this webinar, you will hear Hexagon PPM industry experts and product owners walk through the newest Smart 3D features, including:

  • A newly redesigned client interface including dimension-driven objects, advanced property editing capabilities, new and improved sketching tools, graphical labeling of object attributes and much more
  • Easier integration with CloudWorx For Intergraph Smart 3D- a plug-in for efficiently manipulating as-built point cloud data for better retrofit design, construction and operations
  • Our industry-first Project As-Built capability that, when coupled with HxGN SDx, can provide a true sustaining engineering solution for maintaining a digital twin

Owners and engineering contractors from around the world depend on Smart 3D and other Hexagon solutions to turn their vision into reality. With over 16,000 users in all industry segments, including process, power, marine and mining, Smart 3D has enabled our customers to enhance design quality, improve gross margin, reduce IT costs and continue their journey to true digital transformation.

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