High efficiency combined with flexibility and reliability – this is the focus of the development of ZEISS CALYPSO. Over 80 new functions and further developments: In this year’s release, the software offers many performance improvements as well as optimized user guidance.

New mathematics for GD&T

To optimize GD&T evaluations even more for ZEISS CALYPSO users, the software offers improved algorithms for evaluation according to various standards, such as ISO GPS and ASME in this year. Thus, you can work with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing even more efficiently and benefit from quality control advantages when using this method

Optimized workflow with optical CMMs

Furthermore, with this year’s release, ZEISS CALYPSO offers new evaluation functionalities for coordinate measuring machines such as ZEISS O-DETECT. The user can, for example, use the overview camera for navigation or automatically search for geometrical elements in the image acquired.

Even more user-friendly: new toolbox

The new toolbox reduces the number of working steps. Frequently used testing features can be stored as favorites in an individual toolbox.

Improved error analysis

This year’s release offers an advanced automated error analysis: All errors are automatically displayed in an interactive report. Improved automated plots show every detail; dynamic zooming in an interactive report offers new possibilities for small mechanical parts but also for a variety of electronic devices.

More new features in ZEISS CALYPSO 2023

  • Improved usability: The traffic light in the ZEISS CALYPSO toolbar is now even better adapted to your needs. Faster call-up of help or ZEISS Portal.
  • Improvements CAD display: Operation simplified, transparent display possible
  • CALYPSO curve: Automatic presetting of a strategy, morphological filter for curves, new curve fitting “Mesh best fit”
  • CALYPSO pcm: Search and replace now with icon, access to single deviations in line, curve and area form, via PCM, new PCM command “convert()”
  • CALYPSO freeform & point cloud: Performance of color display improved, fitting with blocking of any degrees of freedom
  • CALYPSO roughness: Improvement of the roughness evaluation in the report

    … and much more.

Latest updates, service and support
with your Software Maintenance Agreement

Benefit immediately from new functions or options: With the ZEISS Software Maintenance Agreement, you have access to the latest software updates and can rely on high quality in the long term. You have direct access to application expertise, targeted software support and continuous software updates as well as service packs – at lower upgrade prices.

Get the best out of the software with regular updates:

More improved features from last year’s releases

Do you already know the features of the latest ZEISS CALYPSO releases? With regular updates, for example via a Software Maintenance Agreement, you benefit immediately from new features. These useful features have been improving ZEISS CALYPSO for a few years:

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