Interactive Petrophysic 4.2 cracked version

Senergy Software is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our powerful petrophysics analysis tool. IP™ 4.2 features a number of new modules as well as many additional enhancements and functionality improvements.


Cement Evaluation For the first time, LR Senergy is introducing the Cement Evaluation module in IP. This new module allows users to make fast, well informed decisions on the condition of the down-hole cement behind casing. The module can import data from all the major cement evaluation tool types from basic Cement Bond Log tools to advanced Ultrasonic tools. The module steps the user through an intuitive workflow which is designed to quality check and analyze the relevant log data one step at a time. The isolation section of the module brings all the individual analysis steps together to determine which zones are likely to provide annular hydraulic isolation, in a clear and easy to understand reporting style.

Self Organising Maps (SOM) As part of the Rock Typing module, Self-Organising Maps (SOM) is a powerful new tool for facies analysis and curve prediction which perfectly complements the already-strong Cluster Analysis module in IP. Using the Kohonen SOM algorithm, a map of nodes (of any user-defined size) can be trained on any input curves you present to the map. With a trained map you can then group nodes into facies clusters or calibrate the map to an input facies curve OR continuous data input curve such as permeability. The clustering or prediction can then be run on multiple wells.

Production Log Module The Production Log Analysis module enables users to monitor well production performance and identify key areas where production problems exist to help them make appropriate operational decisions and improve productivity.  The module calculates the production contribution of each fluid type (gas/water/oil) at each reservoir depth from raw production logging data. Sub-modules include Spinner Calibration, Velocity Calculation, PVT Conversions and Multi-Phase Flow Calculation.

Unconventional Resources (UCR The accurate determination of gas/oil in place, at surface conditions per volume of resource is important for commercial decisions on development. This new module comprises a suite of tools to provide this information, for coal bed methane and tight gas resources as well as organic shale, and outputs the data in formats for direct input into Reservoir Simulators.

New Functionality and Enhancements

  • Crossplot with Histograms
  • New Text Curves & Formula Text Curves
  • New Picks Enhancement
  • Por/Sw Enhancements
  • Database Upgrader
  • Acoustic Waveform Processing (Update)
  • Geosteering (Update)
  • Image Analysis Enhancements
  • Saturation Height Enhancements
  • Updated Lithology Shading