Schlumberger PIPESIM 2013.1 cracked version

Ensure safe and effective fluid transport

Modern production systems require designs that ensure fluids are safely and cost-effectively transportedfrom reservoir to processing facility. Whether these systems exist in harsh environments, such as deepwater fields with complex infrastructure, or large-scale onshore developments, many factors weigh into their design. The ability to accurately simulate a broad range of scenarios and conditions has established PIPESIM softwareas the industry leading flow simulation tool in production system design.

Optimize production

Once a production system is brought on stream, the ability to ensure optimal production is critical to achieving maximum economic potential. Here again, PIPESIM software provides a comprehensive set of workflows—from well candidate selection for workovers, to the identification and mitigation of flow assurance challenges, to online optimization of the complete system.

Steady state, multiphase flow simulator

PIPESIM software is a steady state, multiphase flow simulator. PIPESIM models multiphase flow from the reservoir to the wellhead. Flowline and surface facility performance can be calculated to generate comprehensive production system analysis. PIPESIM software can be integrated with the Avocet production operations software platform, and the Petrel E&P software platform to deliver a singular solution, spanning reservoir simulation to production.

30 years of development delivers confidence and accuracy

With nearly 30 years of development, and a continuous focus to incorporate the latest science, PIPESIM software delivers the confidence and proven level of accuracy you need to understand and overcome fluid flow challenges—from well performance analysis and artificial lift design, to pipeline and facilities network modeling for any well, any field, and any size.

Model management and model-based surveillance

PIPESIM simulation runs can be executed seamlessly within the Avocet environment, using the very latest field data. Avocet software also delivers a model management capability to record and store models and run results. Avocet combines with PIPESIM software to enable model-based surveillance to predict such things as the occurrence or formation of asphaltenes, CO2-induced corrosion, erosion, hydrates, liquid loading, and wax.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​