KATS (AirTrig) – KLT Aerial Triangulation System cracked version

Windows based measurement and adjustment:

  • Single integrated environment for measurement, adjustment and analysis
  • Handles large blocks, e.g. 2000 photos
  • Imagery and graphics superimposition
  • Multi-model manual stereo measurement, e.g. quad model
  • Drive-to functions from scheme measurement and ground control


  • Automatic Inner Orientation, no initial manual measurement required
  • Automatic Relative Orientation
  • Automatic Strip
  • Across Strip Block
  • Automatic AT that doesn’t require ab-GPS and IMU to launch
  • Automatic digital camera setup

AT Processes:

  • As an option to the user, ab-GPS and IMU can assist auto-AT
  • Handles DTM surface to assist auto-AT
  • Stereo tools to check auto-AT
  • Multi-ray handling:   unlimited in math model, 32 ray points in mono measurement tool
  • Choice of any 4 models viewed in stereo
  • Handles any strip/block/kappa arrangement
  • Uses ab-GPS and IMU, including shift/drift parameters
  • Processes IMU boresighting calibration flight or extra parameters
  • Works for camera calibration flights
  • Optional geodetic constraints such as lines/distances/angles
  • Handles close range blocks

Error Detection:

  • Various blunder detection schemes
  • Full error propagation
  • Various statistics on adjustment

Automatic AT of:

  • Scanned imagery from film mapping cameras like RC30, RC20, RMKTOP, Jena, etc.
  • Large format digital frame cameras such as ZI-DMC and UltraCam
  • Medium format digital cameras like DSS, NexVue and Rollei
  • Satellite physical models such as SPOT5, RPC, IKONOS, QuickBird
  • Non-metric uncalibrated cameras
  • Digital line scanner Level 0 such as ADS40, 3DAS1 and SI290