TERRAIN – Working with Huge Point Datasets cracked version

The KLT TERRAIN program can process DTMs with hundreds of millions of data points.  It is used for:

  • Displaying correlated or LIDAR digital surface models (DSMs)
  • Interpolating gridded DTMs and contours from huge point datasets
  • Cutting and sorting DTM files into new sheets
  • Extracting DSMs from aerial imagery by correlation
  • Classifying DSMs
  • Displaying point datasets in 3D perspective or profile views
  • Generating LIDAR stereograms for stereo handling of point datasets


KATS (AirTrig) – KLT Aerial Triangulation System cracked version

Windows based measurement and adjustment:

  • Single integrated environment for measurement, adjustment and analysis
  • Handles large blocks, e.g. 2000 photos
  • Imagery and graphics superimposition
  • Multi-model manual stereo measurement, e.g. quad model
  • Drive-to functions from scheme measurement and ground control


WinBatch – Automated 3D Map Data Editing cracked and sell in our shop

WinBatch is a set of tools that allow you to automatically check, correct and enhance your mapping data.  Basically, you create and execute scripts that perform a set of functions on one or more of your map data files.  These scripts are created using an interactive menu, and then run in the background without any further user interaction.


WinATLAS/DSP – SoftCopy Stereoplotter already crack and avaliable in our shop

WinATLAS/DSP, or Digital StereoPlotter, is a full-featured, Windows-based, SoftCopy Photogrammetric Workstation built around our WinATLAS 3D map data collection and editing package. The software uses multi-threaded code to take advantage of today’s multi-processor CPUs.  It runs on standard, commercially available PC workstations under Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, but requires a stereo-ready multi-GPU graphics card like one of the NVIDIA® Quadro series.


WinATLAS – 3D Map Data Collection & Editing cracked versions in our shop

WinATLAS is our standard tool for digitizing and editing map data.  It forms the basis for our softcopy stereoplotter WinATLAS/DSP, and it supports online input from most analog and analytical stereoplotters, as well as a variety of digitizing tablets.  The program provides multiple ways to access the different collection modes and editors.  This makes it straightforward and intuitive for new users, and fast for experienced users.  It was designed as a double precision 3D tool for the making of maps.  It works in UTM, State Plane or assumed coordinates, and with either English or Metric units.  It is constantly evolving to take advantage of innovations in computer and imaging technology, as well as adding features needed by our clients to meet the needs of their clients.  And yet with all the evolution of technology you can stilll load and update files that were archived thirty years ago as if they were just saved yesterday.