WinATLAS/DSP – SoftCopy Stereoplotter already crack and avaliable in our shop

WinATLAS/DSP, or Digital StereoPlotter, is a full-featured, Windows-based, SoftCopy Photogrammetric Workstation built around our WinATLAS 3D map data collection and editing package. The software uses multi-threaded code to take advantage of today’s multi-processor CPUs.  It runs on standard, commercially available PC workstations under Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, but requires a stereo-ready multi-GPU graphics card like one of the NVIDIA® Quadro series.

Image viewing options include:

  • Stereomodels     •  Double models     •  Quad models
  • Orthos     •  Rasters     •  Photos
  • LIDAR (mono and stereo)     •  RADAR (mono and stereo)
  • Top View     •  Perspective View     •  Profile View
  • Microscope     •  Telescope     •  Multi Ray
  • Reference images, including cloud-based Google® Maps Satellite, Maps Oblique, Maps Road, Maps Terrain, Streetview and Earth 3D

Our real-time image processing includes:

  • Moving cursor, smooth auto panning or     •  Fixed cursor, smooth moving image
  • Continuous zoom and rotation     •  Brightness and contrast control
  • Auto panning from model to model     •  Epipolar correction on the fly
  • Hot-key to automatically put the dot on the ground using image correlation
    (really useful for training new stereo operators)

Image files can come from:

  • Scanned diapositives from film mapping cameras like the RC20, RMKTOP, etc.
  • Large-format digital frame cameras like the DMC and UltraCam
  • Medium-format digital frame cameras like DSS, NexVue and Rollei
  • Digital line scanner Level 0 data from ADS40, ADS80, 3DAS1
  • Satellite imagery such as IKONOS, Quickbird, SPOT5, NITF, etc.
  • Uncalibrated non-metric cameras

WinATLAS/DSP supports all available stereoviewing devices, including NuVision® and Planar® systems, as well as the lower-cost NVIDIA 3D Vision with a single stereo-capable LCD monitor.  3D motion-control hardware options include:

  • Traditional handwheels/footdisk/footpedals
  • 3D photogrammetric cursors like the Stealth S3-Z and SoftMouse 3D-USB
  • Even your workstation’s existing keyboard and mouse