WinBatch – Automated 3D Map Data Editing cracked and sell in our shop

WinBatch is a set of tools that allow you to automatically check, correct and enhance your mapping data.  Basically, you create and execute scripts that perform a set of functions on one or more of your map data files.  These scripts are created using an interactive menu, and then run in the background without any further user interaction.

For example, a WinBatch script was used in the graphic above to:

  • Load the existing data file
  • Hang & Clip driveways to roads and buildings
  • Hang & Clip sidewalks to buildings and driveways
  • Place Spot Heights on tops
  • Change contour lines in obscured areas from solid to dashed
  • Change symbol rotations from model to final map tile rotations
  • Erase inside buildings
  • Generate contour annotation on index contours
  • Erase contour lines under text
  • Store the edited data file under a new name

You can spend less time on manual data capture and editing, because WinBatch script files make it easy to check and standardize your vector data before exporting it to CAD or GIS systems.

Frequently used WinBatch functions include:

Data selection by

Line type
Symbol type
Feature layer
Non-graphic attribute
Change feature codes based on

Polygon boundary
Existing feature codes
Feature layer

Operations on line data

Thin out redundant data points
Join compound segments
Hang & Clip features
Single line types to parallel
Parallel line types to single
Adjust contours that cross water
Spline lines to arcs
Generate arc corners
Reverse order of data points
Building squaring
Expand multi-coded lines
Engineering data preparation

Resolve DTM grid
Generate cross-sections
Expand DTM to individual symbols
Map sheet preparation
Cut sheet / Sheet layout
Change map scale & rotation
Model ties
Contour annotation
Hatch or fill polygons
Area annotations
Erase inside polygons
Error checking & correction

Clear LIDAR points near breaklines
Delete duplicate data
Find and mark crossed lines
Check line elevations
Check symbol elevations
Find and mark dangling lines
Coordinate transformations

Simple origin shift
Helmert transformation
Affine transformation
Projective transformation
3D scale & rotate

CAD data preparation

Expand symbols to line strokes
Expand curves to line segments
Expand arcs to line segments

GIS data preparation

Generate nodes
Generate centroids
Attribute edit / review
Polygon maintenance