WinATLAS/TIN – Contour Generation cracked version avaliable in our shop

Our TIN option is fully integrated with our WinATLAS and WinATLAS/DSP products to give you interactive contour generation inside our standard map data collection & editing software for analog, analytical and softcopy stereoplotters.


  • Interactive build and edit
  • Interactive and static parameters
  • Triangle models from multiple sources
  • Threaded contour generation
  • Splined contour generation with applied filtering

Computed Volumetrics:

  • Differences between TINs
  • Differences between active TIN and static elevation
  • Volume reports

TIN Utilities:

  • Compress TIN
  • Contours to TIN
  • 2D CAD to 3D
  • Extract gridded DTMs
  • TIN exports to: DXF, DGN, Arc Shapefile, and DTM formats

WinTINViewer visualization tool:

  • 3D solids modeling
  • Generate fly throughs
  • Generate MPEG/AVI movies